Your Handy Guide to Eyebrow Feathering

Woman getting an eyebrow feathering treatment

Your Handy Guide to Eyebrow Feathering

When it comes to eyebrow fashion, things tend to change at the same speed as any other fashion niche would. However, some trends make such a solid mark in the industry that you can immediately see they are here to stay. One such trend that we have seen so far is eyebrow feathering and when you find out what it is you can see why it is like that. Surprisingly enough, many people are still unaware of what this procedure is, and this guide aims to share all the necessary information that you need to understand it. Read on to find out more about the eyebrow feathering process and everything associated with it.

How Does Eyebrow Feathering Work?

As the term suggests, the process is all about adding to the current eyebrows that you have, but not with fake hair or attachments. This process involves creating a refined look using tattooing that makes it look like there is nothing but complete hair in that spot. Where maintaining a brow can be costly and time-consuming, eyebrow feathering involves the permanent addition of lines in an evenly spread fashion that looks natural and flawless.

Understanding the Microblading Process

The thing that makes eyebrow feathering such an amazing procedure is that it uses a process called micro-blading. This involves the insertion of several small needles into the skin which injects a semi-permanent pigment into the skin. Not only is it great for achieving an even look, but it also makes sure that the color does not fade, something that you expect to see if you opt for tattoo ink. However, with micro-blading for eyebrows, the strokes are also done using individual needles which allow for a polished finish on the eyebrows, adding minute details wherever possible.

Color Choice

The biggest selling point that you get with eyebrow feathering is that it can provide a natural look on your eyebrows. The process involved recreating the exact color that your brow has and then that color will be finalized. You can also choose the shade you like, and the shape can also be decided before you go for the procedure. A good salon will be careful about all the factors that come into play like your skin color, eye color, and pigment absorption levels.

Permanent vs Semi-Permanent

When it comes to feathering your eyebrows, there is only the option of a semi-permanent color. However, it is still quite an extended period, especially when compared to traditional eyebrow treatments. Pigment inserted in your brow area can last anywhere from nine months to two years. The exact time you get will be dependent on factors like skin color, absorption level, and how much you are exposing yourself to the outside environment.

Pricing and Time Requirement

With a process that can provide such a great result, you must be wondering how long it takes and what price you have to pay for the superior look. Thankfully, there is nothing in the world that can be more repetitively frustrating than having to work on your eyebrows every single time you go out. Eyebrow feathering is a much less painful and quicker to do as it typically involves about 40 minutes for the complete procedure. Following the procedure, you can expect the color to set in about a week with a month of recovery time. You may also get a follow-up appointment for inspection and touchups if needed.

With the entire process which includes consultation, initial treatment and follow-ups, you can expect to spend somewhere around $600 on eyebrow feathering. You can also find cheaper options but be careful when opting for those as a cheaper service could mean inexperienced hands and bad results.

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