How to be a good listener?

good listener

How to be a good listener?

One of the most important traits of improving your personality is being genuinely good at listening – listening to everything that is being put forth before you or being conveyed. Not many are really good listeners, most of us easily pass off as good ‘hearers’. So let’s see what it takes to be a great listener:


Exhibit interest:
Make the person who’s talking to you feel that you are genuinely interested in every word he’s saying. Attentive listening is the most important aspect of a conversation so make sure you give the other half of the conversation undivided attention.


A few nods work wonders:
You can assure the speaker that you’re listening by peppering the conversation with timely nods and some vocal sounds. This makes the speaker feel you are eagerly and attentively listening to what he is saying.


Eye contact is important:
Maintaining a steady eye contact will help you the long way. This shows that you are actually interested in what the person is speaking. Looking over the speaker’s shoulder finding someone else is a big no. This is a sign of an utterly disinterested listener.


Don’t fiddle with your phone:
Resist the urge to check your phone in between a conversation. Not even to look at the time. It’s very rude to do that in front of someone who is speaking with you.


Ask questions:
When you feel that the speaker is done with his part, you can easily ask some relevant questions. This will surely pass you off as a great listener as the speaker knows you have paid attention to all he said.


Make an effort to remember:
Every time you converse with someone, make it a point to remember what the conversation was about. So that the next time you meet, you can follow up with the same discussion and will have something to talk about. And the speaker will be more than happy to talk to you as he knows you paid attention and also made an effort to remember.


Empathise and sympathise:
People share their problems with two intentions – either to lighten the weight off their shoulders or for solutions. Make sure you know the intention with which the person has got in touch with you and try to come up with a solution if possible.


Don’t offer advice if not asked for:
Unasked advice is most unwelcome. So don’t interrupt with something that’s not asked of you. Learn the art to maintain silence while in a conversation, and you will soon win the tag of a great listener!

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