How To Impress During A Job Interview


How To Impress During A Job Interview

It is essential to be at your best during an interview to increase the chances of getting the job. That is why you have to follow a few simple steps that will guarantee a good impression even if you don’t get the job. Doing so will help you get a job later in that company after your interview is done. In this article, we’ll help you with some basic tips and tricks that will possibly impress the interviewer.

The Handshake

When the interviewer offers you their hand, make sure your palms aren’t sweaty. Wipe them before you go in and be confident when you shake their hand. A good pump or two from the elbow will do the trick. This will instil a sense of assurance in the interviewer.


Keep in mind that the company is in need of someone like you

After sifting through a few hundred resumes, it is your CV that they found suitable. This is the reason why you’ll need to prove them right by giving them enough incentive to hire you. Take confidence in the fact that they selected you out of hundreds of candidates. Use this to your advantage.



Ask the right questions

Prepare a set of questions that are appropriate for the job description to let your future employer know you’re in it in all seriousness. Questions can include the likes of

  1. What are some of the accomplishments that you’d like to see from this job?

This will help the interviewer know you’re full of enthusiasm, positivity and also let them know you have prepared well for the interview.

  1. What would you consider as the ideal upbringing for this job?

Asking this question will help the future employer know that you understand the importance of adapting.


Let them know about you and your skills through a story

Your future employer would want to know about the skills that you possess, but they want to know what type of person you are as well. Instead of replying to questions that the interviewer asks with straightforward answers, reply with stories that you can work in or anecdotes about your previous work experiences.


Try to be memorable

The interviewer will be considering many candidates, and you will be one among many that they’ll be interviewing. That is why it is important to be memorable; whether it is through something you say or do. Try and strike a personal note by mentioning a quality of yours or by adding something that you did in your previous work that is appropriate.

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