What to consider before getting a dental implant

What to consider before getting a dental implant

What to consider before getting a dental implant

There are many factors to think about before you get a dental implant in Hawkesbury. You should consider the advantages and disadvantages before committing to this procedure, as it is a permanent choice!

This is a big decision to make so you shouldn’t be hasty. Here are some things you need to consider before locking into this surgery.

Everyone is different, and every individual has their preferences for what outcome they want from the operation. Depending on your situation, this could be the right or wrong decision for you.


Getting a dental implant in Hawkesbury is a permanent decision. You won’t be able to reverse the decision, so it is important you think about this before you go ahead with the procedure.

Some individuals like this factor of getting a dental implant in Hawkesbury, as it means that they don’t have to worry about their dentures falling out or dealing with getting replacements over the years.

Compared with dentures and bridges, the other two options of fixing a broken tooth, getting a dental implant in Hawkesbury is far more permanent.

You won’t need to do anything to manage it after the process is finished – people often forget about it when everything is said and done as it looks just like a normal tooth.


One main inhibiting factor of getting a dental implant in Hawkesbury is their cost. The procedure is lengthy and requires a lot of work, so the cost of everything by the end is quite high.

It is dependent on your situation whether this is a considerable factor in your decision. In many cases, it will be possible to claim insurance.

Some dentists will offer payment plans if you do not have the means at the moment to foot the bill. It makes sense to consider affordability when making your decision.


People tend to go for this option because it is the most visually appealing – its appearance is the closest thing you’ll get to a real tooth.

Unlike dentures and bridges, it fits in place without looking different from your other teeth, and there is no clicking sound like you get with dentures.


The time period from start to finish of getting this procedure is lengthy. It can take around three months to nine months depending on the surgery you need for your particular situation.

This consists of numerous stages such as the dental exam, which examines your teeth and involves the use of X-rays and molds. You will then figure out a treatment plan with your dentist, which will outline the surgeries you need.

Your dentist will look at the condition of your jaw, consider the amount of teeth which need to be replaced, and make a judgement on how everything will take place.

The procedure itself is the lengthiest process as you may require numerous surgeries, in which case you must allow time in between for your mouth to heal appropriately.

After all of this is over, there is also a recovery period that is necessary. This procedure will take a long time so ensuring that you are able to start this process is important.


Before you settle on getting a dental implant in Hawkesbury, you need to choose the right dentist to administer this process. Remember that this is going to take a long time and liaising with your dentist is necessary.

You should feel comfortable with talking to your dentist and allowing them to operate on you. You should also trust that they are willing to talk you through the process and explain anything you find confusing.

This is a lengthy and permanent process so it is important you consider all these factors before settling on your decision!

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