The Do’s and Don’ts for Medical Certificates

The Do’s and Don’ts for Medical Certificates

Providing a medical certificate for work is something that comes down to company policy. You may get luck and work for a company that is relaxed and has lax attitudes from day one or you may take a job with one of the largest companies in the world who has HR policies ingrained in their structure that presenting a medical certificate for work will become second nature.


Working for a giant of the commercial world will probably mean that they have stricter HR policies. Some companies require employees to provide a medical certificate for work if they cannot make it in on first day of the week. If said employee is absent on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday they need not provide anything, however Mondays and Fridays are special. An employee will need proof that they are sick or unwell, and that a person from the world of medicine deems them unfit to complete their job effectively. It may feel like distrust from management but when an organisation has hundreds of employees in one office and thousands more around the world it makes sense that they can’t trust every one of them and demand a medical certificate at the drop of a hat.


Other companies’ start-ups especially have no time to create a HR department. They are too busy trying to get their business off the ground to worry about procedures relating to sick days. Within small teams, there is an expectation that each person will work hard for each other. Each member is responsible for a big part of the project and to be taking a sick day in general is frowned up, no matter if you are sick or not. A medical certificate for work does not exist for many companies with relaxed HR policies, even those who work for a small branch of an MNC can get away with it too. Working in a 10-person team, whose HR is based in HQ abroad means that most practices aren’t followed to the letter


A medical certificate for work is something that is a hassle to get as well. Instead of staying at home recuperating you know that after two days off work you will need to be able to produce this piece of paper to appease your boss. Yet getting up out of bed is causing you more harm than good. Stressing you out as wonder whether you will make it to the front door without throwing your guts all over the floor. Getting to the doctor’s office after the front door is a voyage that doesn’t bear thinking about. How are you supposed to drive in this state either? You’ve been falling asleep every 30 minutes so your ability to function isn’t what it usually is. You estimate you’re at 20% of your total operating capacity but you risk it, you have to. Turning up without the medical certificate for work is the equivalent is stealing your boss’ lunch from the fridge, a complete and utter no no.


A Medical certificate for work is a necessary evil but that doesn’t make it any worse when thinking about getting one. They dissuade those who fancy it, taking more than the odd sick day in a year. They stop those chancers from having a Sunday fun day that is just a bit too much. While on the other side of the coin, if God forbid, something does go terribly wrong and you injure yourself or fall ill, these doctor notes can save you from interrogation in work as well as questioning of your attitude to work. As with most things, there are pro’s and con’s.


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