Strange Things You Can Do With Helium Balloons Delivered

Strange Things You Can Do With Helium Balloons Delivered


One of the best ways to get a party started is by having helium balloons delivered right to your doorstep. Especially with these nifty tricks!


Did you know about these 10 odd things (such as flying!) that you can do with our beloved balls of gas?


  1. Inhale and talk

An oldie but a goodie. Open up one of the helium balloons you’ve had delivered and inhale a little. When you speak you’re bound to notice an amusingly higher pitch of voice. Did someone say chipmunk party?


  1. Phone trick

Grab the helium filled balloons that you’ve had delivered, and as you’re allowing the air out, push on the underside of the elastic with your phone.


The edges will wrap around the phone and it will appear as though it’s suddenly been consumed. You’ll be getting some ‘Wow!’ face  with this little party trick.


  1. Raise your hair

Rub the helium balloons you’ve had delivered on a piece of fabric to give it a negative charge. It will be full of static electricity.


Similarly, if you rub it on your hair, and hover it over your head and you’ll notice strands lifting up, as the opposite charges make hairs try to move as far away from each other as possible. Enjoy your new look for the party.


  1. Bend water

Following on from the above, hold your charged bobble close to a running stream of water from a tap. You’ll notice the water flow bend.


  1. Pick up pepper

We found it uncanny that you can even pick up pepper with a little static. Not a bad idea if some one’s spilt… pepper…


  1. Door trap

If you’re in the mood to prank your family and friends, tape a full one to your wall behind a door at handle height. Then, tape a tack to the back door knob. You can only imagine what happens next. Step away and enjoy.


  1. Drums

This involves deflating the helium balloons you’ve had delivered, however it can mean a unique way to have some fun. By stretching the elastic over bowls, pots, vases, metal tins, glass jars, and more, you can make your own drums!


  1. Smoke rings

This one also means emptying out the gas, but it’s totally worth it for a little smoke and mirrors.


Grab an empty plastic bottle, snip off one end, and stretch the elastic across the wider opening. Grab some incense and place the smoking end into the neck of bottle. When you touch the elastic, you’ll see some cool smoke rings fly out the top!


  1. Fly

I’m sure we’ve all entertained the thought of whether one would lift up off the ground if attached to a large enough cluster. Well, the ultimate has been tried and done. It’s ‘Up’ the movie in real life!


A man in South Africa strapped himself, and a seat, to a cluster of 100 gas-filled bobbles. Sure enough, he lifted just over 2 kilometres above the ground, to enjoy a gentle drift over about 25 kilometres. Completing the journey during an optimal window of fine weather, he trusted he wouldn’t wind up over the ocean. Kudos to this guy who emphasised, “that is cool on a whole new level”


Turns out he’s not the only one to embark on a ballooning voyage. Another thrill-seeker crossed the English Channel by the same mode of transport!


You would need a lot of large helium balloons to be delivered to make this possible. But I highly suggest you don’t try this stunt at home.


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