Should you add outdoor benches to your space?

Should you add outdoor benches to your space

Should you add outdoor benches to your space?

Outdoor benches look great in any outdoor space. They’re a very versatile option, pairing well with everything from outdoor dining settings to beautiful views of your garden. Here’s a few ideas for adding outdoor benches to your garden.

Look out over your garden

All you really need is some open space and a view to make outdoor benches worthwhile.

If you want to enjoy the view year-round, you’ll need a dry location. Create a well-tamped gravel bed, lay paving stones, or use an existing deck or patio to support your seat.


It’s nice to get some sunshine, but too much of it might be detrimental. Adding some shade to outdoor benches can make them a more pleasant place to relax. Placing your seat under a deciduous tree is a great choice because they shed their cooling canopy just before temperatures drop. A hedge or vine can also provide even more seasonal protection and beauty around outdoor benches.

Decorate will cushions

New all-weather textiles have made it possible to create outdoor seating that is as elegant and comfortable as interior options. To make a seat more comfortable, get some cushions from a patio store or a garden centre. To make the most of your outdoor benches, consider investing in lighting and heaters for the outside.

Storage options

Outdoor benches can be used to store items. Most garden centres and cheap retailers carry storage benches made of wood and sturdy polymers.

Creative materials

Outdoor benches

It isn’t necessary to stick with wood or metal when designing a bench, since many other materials can be used to suit your own taste. A bench with an unpolished appearance was constructed using stones.

The use of a cast concrete bench as an alternative to traditional masonry work is another option.

A zen spot

If you arrange a bench in the right spot, you can get two uses out of it. It’s both a practical space to sit and a place to practice mindfulness.

A water feature bench is an absolute must. If you have a relaxing area near a pond, fountain, or pool, you’ll use it more often.

Grow flowers around them

A bench near your florals is another excellent option for your garden. The scent of the adjacent flowers can make a bench a very pleasant places to sit.

Narrow sizing

When it comes to outdoor seating, space can be an issue. Outdoor benches are a great option for smaller spaces as they take up very little space.

Adding a bench to the garden can be done in many ways. Some seats may be crafted from the same flagstone that was used to pave the road, others may be made from metal, timber or plastic. Any landscape design that incorporates the use of the same materials in various ways will have a more cohesive look and feel.

Year-round use

Finally, don’t assume that just because the leaves begin to fall, the bench’s usefulness ends. A well-built bench enhances any garden, regardless of the season, whether it’s used to capture the first snowfall or to take in the changing hues of the leaves in the autumn.

Choosing hardy materials like teak can ensure that your new seating lasts for many seasons, regardless of what the weather is like.

If you’re planning on making your outdoor space and more comfortable, pleasant space to spend time in, then this is one of the best ways forward. The right seating can totally transform your space and make it much more functional than it was before. If you’ve added one to you space, tell us in the comments below.

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