How to Get the Best Hair Cut Every Time

How to Get the Best Hair Cut Every Time

There’s nothing worse than rocking up to work with an embarrassing look. Maybe your stylist just had a bad day or maybe you didn’t quite know what you wanted, so you gave vague instructions. Now you’ve ended up with a messy, inconsistent look that needs quick attention. To avoid this situation, you need to make an appointment with your trusted hair salon in Sydney CBD. However, there are other things you can do to ensure that your stylist knows exactly what you want and, more importantly, you get the perfect cut that you want. So, here are several key tips you must remember when visiting your hair salon in the Sydney CBD.


Do a background check

The quality of your style will be determined by the quality of the provider. If you choose a high quality hair salon in the Sydney CBD, you’ll likely receive a quality cut that adds to your look and reinforces your confidence. To make sure that you are getting the best of the best, be sure to jump online and check out any reviews or feedback on any potential options. Get a feel for their reputation before making a decision. A lot of bad reviews definitely aren’t a good sign.


Bring a picture but be realistic

Your hair salon in the Sydney CBD will really appreciate if you bring a picture to show them what you want. Sometimes, you won’t be able to adequately explain what style you want, and as a result, having a picture to demonstrate is the perfect solution. However, it is important to always be realistic. A style that looks great on one person may not necessarily suit your head or face shape. You want your stylist to be honest, and hopefully, they will be upfront with you as to whether that style will actually work for you.


Listen to their advice

You need to make sure that you trust the advice of your stylist. They probably have years of experience and will already have some idea as to what style will suit your head and face the most. Having said this, don’t just cave to what they say; if you have a particular style that you love, go for it! Any hair salon in the Sydney CBD will be able to provide suggestions and ideas that you can consider before proceeding. Only once you both come to an understanding should the cutting begin.


Speak up!

hairstylist blowing a woman's hairYour local hair salon in the Sydney CBD can be a fast-paced and frenetic environment. In particular, the more popular establishments can be really noisy and loud. Because of this, you might be self-conscious and not want to speak up too often. However, it is pivotal that you speak up during your appointment! Your stylist is not a mind reader and if you don’t like having your fringe parted a certain way make sure you let them know!

It doesn’t matter how specific your demands are; it could be to do with the fringe, the length, having it tapered on the sides or even the type of product that is applied. Whatever you need, your hair salon in the Sydney CBD needs to be professional and understanding of your wants. If they become annoyed or disgruntled by your requests, just simply don’t return to them. The last thing you need is judgment, dishonesty or unprofessionalism.



Don’t move around

If you ask any hair salon in the Sydney CBD, you’ll probably find that one of their pet hates is clients moving around too much in the chair. If you sit there reading a magazine, or worse, talking on the phone, your stylist is going to have a tough time giving you the cut you want. So, for both your stylist’s sake and your sake, sit still with your head straight. Let them move your head around if needed. Keep your eyes forward and let them do all the work. The last thing you need is a dodgy cut because you moved your head suddenly.


Let it settle

After visiting your hair salon in the Sydney CBD, make sure you let the style settle. Don’t madly panic if the style doesn’t look exactly the way you want it. A dramatic cut can take a while to get used to and even if your cut is slightly off, sometimes the difference between a bad style and a good style is only a few weeks. If you’re still unhappy after several weeks, then consider some form of corrective action.


Bad cut? Move on

Sometimes your style just doesn’t end up the way you envisioned it. And that’s okay. What is important is that you are honest with your hair salon in the Sydney CBD and you let them know that the style just didn’t work out. They may offer a free follow-up consultation to correct it. If not, just consider other options for your next appointment.




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