How can a busy light help your productivity?

How can a busy light help your productivity?

How can a busy light help your productivity?


Have you ever felt like you have spent hours and hours at work but haven’t got anything done? Well then you could probably do with the help of a busy light to assist you in organising your thoughts and stay on task. Although this product won’t actually organise your thoughts, it will allow you the time and space to do so.


Most of us have at one point during a day decided that maybe it would be best if we just worked by ourselves for a little bit. You’ve been distracted by noise, people and movement all day, so you decide the best call of action is to lock yourself into a room away from the rest of your teammates. Except this never works does it?


You make a conscious effort to bring everything you need to your private cocoon but in reality, you always forget something that brings you back to your desk. On your way to your desk, you stop off for a water and bump into a colleague who needs your help with a pressing issue. Now you’ve wasted even more time in your search for time of solitude. With a busy light, you wouldn’t have this problem. It would have helped you avoid these unwanted distractions.


With the problem solved and your thirst quenched, you return to your semi-private area with the pen you forgot in your hand, ready to tackle your work for the day. With the noise of the office out of earshot you finally get into a rhythm, nothing can stop you now. Your colleagues have no idea where you’re hiding, and you don’t plan on telling them anytime soon.


Then, out of the corner of your screen, up pops a bouncing notification and it doesn’t stop, it continues to bounce and flash, demanding you read what it says. Struggling to convince yourself that it doesn’t matter, you click on the notification. You’ve been summoned back to the office for some team meeting that can’t wait. A busy light would have prevented this waste of time too. You’re cursing your luck at this stage as it seems you’ll never find that elusive rhythm you’ve been searching for, for the past few hours. The lack of a busy light is the main thing holding you back, preventing you from becoming the most productive one in the office. The one who hits their targets each month and who walks away with the biggest bonus each quarter. That’s who you want to be but at this rate you’ll never get there.


So how can a busy light help you to achieve your goals?


What a silly question. This product will give you the peace you are looking for. The premise behind a busy light is that it is a physical “do not disturb” sign without the rudeness. Placing a busy light on your workstation or laptop you will be able to indicate to colleagues whether you are up for a chat, or else engrossed in work eager to stay in the zone. It does this through use of different colours, red meaning you are busy and green meaning you are free to talk. Supported by skype and numerous other applications, it can be linked to these and will alert you if you have incoming messages or calls, you can customise these alerts too if you wish to annoy your colleagues sitting closest to you. You can sync your status to these applications as well, so you won’t be approached by colleagues over Skype for Business either.


Busy light is the help you never knew you were missing. If you buy one now your productivity will go through the roof.

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