Can You Trust Your Criminal Lawyer In Melbourne?

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Can You Trust Your Criminal Lawyer In Melbourne?

The words ‘lawyer’ and ‘trust’ are often uncomfortable bedfellows as local constituents tend to have a negative or cynical view of their role within the criminal justice system at large.

For defendants who are fighting serious charges, there is usually a sense of desperation in an attempt to source the services of a solicitor like those from Papa Hughes Lawyers who can tick all of the relevant boxes and win the case whatever the cost.

Papa Hughes Lawyers criminal lawyers in Melbourne won’t place themselves or their client into legal jeopardy for the sake of one outcome, but they can showcase features and characteristics that gives the defendant a greater understanding for their role and their ability to be trusted.

Even though there is a transactional relationship between the professional representative and the client, the solicitor’s reputation is still on the line and they will have the motivation to succeed.

Let us discuss some key markers for defendants to use to assess if their specialist can be relied upon when it matters most.

Responding To Inquiries, Questions and Feedback

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If a criminal lawyer in Melbourne is attentive and communicates well with their client, they are already meeting one major benchmark on the count of trust. Individuals who are facing serious charges will be stressed, anxious and potentially in a state of despair, so the more information they have to hand and the more their representative engages with their needs, the higher esteem they will be held in.

Punctual With Key Dates and Meetings

Showing up late to consultations, hearings and key court dates is a red flag when dealing with a professional criminal lawyer in Melbourne. It could be attributed to a number of excuses, from a packed scheduled to limited resources, a traffic incident or simply due to a lack of diligence with their time management. If this is a common occurrence, it will outline that they are untrustworthy practitioners.

Excellent Evidence Gathering Skills

So much of the end result is reliant on a criminal lawyer in Melbourne and their paralegal team sourcing quality forms of evidence. From police reports and DNA samples to documents, character references, eyewitness testimony and video evidence, it is this hard work and endeavour behind the scenes that illustrates their dedication to the task.

Ability To Sway a Judge or Jury

The ability to influence jury members of a judge from a guilty to a not guilty ruling is hard to ascertain until the final ruling has been handed down. An excellent criminal lawyer in Melbourne will be able to be trusted if they possess those skills, leveraging the facts of the case in their favour and identifying holes and inconsistencies in the prosecution.

Strong Advocate Inside and Outside Courtroom

A top criminal lawyer in Melbourne will advocate for their defendant’s wishes and stance both inside and outside of the courtroom. Depending on the public profile of the case there can be moments where the solicitor is thrust into the media spotlight and here is where they can make a sound argument and advocate strongly in the public sphere. Sometimes discretion is the best tactic, but that is not always the case.


Only the client will be able to determine if they can genuinely trust their criminal lawyer in Melbourne. It is a subjective exercise that has to be made on instinct, but if constituents are left in any doubt about their credibility then it is important to assess these five unique counts and make a judgment according to those markers. Of course a positive ruling will mitigate against any of these concerns, but once a solicitor has performed their duty, this is a matter that is completely out of their control and should not influence if they are considered trustworthy or not. 

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