Benefits of MYOB Advanced for Local SMEs

MYOB Advanced

Benefits of MYOB Advanced for Local SMEs

Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) at a local level will fall in love with the MYOB Advanced package when they assess the features that are on display.

This is a chance to cover every base when it comes to accounting procedures, incorporating banking, payroll, purchase ordering, stock control, supplier relationships, distribution portals, calculating GST, contracts, project reporting and more.

Free Program Quotes

The good news for local SMEs is that they can find out how MYOB Advanced package works for them on a financial and contractual level without having to commit any resources to the endeavour. This is thanks to their free program quotes where constituents can put in their details, their required features and see what level they are set at on a payment basis. It is a way of assisting business owners and managers with their monetary forecasting as they determine what will be suitable for their operation in a sustainable fashion.

Scaling The Package

Worker using MYOB Advanced software on a tablet

From CRM processes and reporting on balance sheets to tracking stock transportations, handling inventory tasks or incorporating multi-company consolidation, SMEs have the power to include or exclude features through the MYOB Advanced portal. The accounting components will be relatively universal and built into every model, but the extra elements can be picked and chosen at the convenience of the client. It is a great way to control costs and ensure that staff are maximising their efficiency.

Automated Processing

If there is one area where efficiency will be improved under the MYOB Advanced banner, it will be courtesy of automated processing. Areas in the accounting and management field do not always require direct human intervention for every transaction and program. This will allow SMEs to optimise their time wisely without needing a complete hands-on approach across every department of the business.

Adhering to Industry Compliance Measures

Should there need to be any red flags that are brought up for an SME courtesy of compliance measures, then MYOB Advanced will already be on the case. This is the situation for accounting and tax duties with BAS commitments to safety procedures via transport logistics, shipping, inventory management and more. If the brand is at risk of incurring a fine or penalty, this is the software that will run the checks and issue the notifications to the right parties.

Flexible Access Modes

SMEs understand that they will have owners, managers and key staff members requiring access from all manner of locations. Thankfully the MYOB Advanced package can handle that request as it leverages cloud-based computing systems. Users who connect via their phones, desktops, tablets and laptops will be able to report and transmit data at their own convenience to avoid any concerns about individuals who are off site.

Leaning on MYOB Support Network

SMEs that want to improve their accounting practice and workflow management procedures will be in luck if they reach out to the MYOB team. Their Advanced platform is a modern product offering that ticks a lot of boxes, particularly when it comes to their customer service department. Often there will be questions and queries that emerge during the initial set-up phase and the subsequent weeks, months and years to follow. By investing in the package, constituents will have the chance to be covered for any issue they have.

Businesses who bypass the MYOB Advanced package at the local level might be able to get by in the intervening period with an outdated model, but their competitors are likely to embrace a superior solution. This is where brands need to think strategically about the waste they encounter and the gains they stand to make with more insightful tools at their disposal.

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