Benefits of Epoxy Flooring For Local Warehouses

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring For Local Warehouses

Con-Treat epoxy flooring systems are quickly becoming the surface system of choice for local warehouse operators.

Large commercial enterprises jumped on their value to see an efficient, clean and aesthetically pleasing product installed for their location, and now it is smaller operations in rural and suburban communities who are jumping onboard.

This type of adhesive has come a long way over the past couple of decades and where other manufacturers and developers have struggle to maintain the condition of their space, this one-off installation removes all stress and effort from the equation.

Let us outline why Con-Treat epoxy flooring is the right system for any professional warehouse specialist.

Variety of Applications

There are no two warehouses that are entirely identical and that variety is applied to the use of epoxy flooring. Warehouse owners can source anti-static models, quartz-filled systems, mortar, self-leveling and flake floors. This will speak to the nature of the industry and the type of work that is carried out within the premises. For those that are seeking a high resistance to chemicals or others fearful of chipping or exposure to electrical discharges, this wide variety of applications gives a warehouse manager a chance to scour the market and identify which system will suit their unique requirements.

Affordable For Owners

Coating an entire space with an efficient and clean looking floor would appear to be an overtly expensive exercise on the surface. The good news for those owners and managers who utilize epoxy flooring is that such a concern is not warranted. When weighed against other materials and methods within the industry, a majority of specialists see this as the ideal method considering their budgetary constraints. Other styles will see the concrete having to be removed or dramatically altered but given this unique process, it can simply be installed above those materials to eliminate many of the costly measures previously included in the process.

Aesthetic Quality

Let’s be honest – a warehouse can be a cold, dark and sterile environment where operators struggle through their daily tasks inside that space. By using epoxy flooring, sole traders and commercial entities alike in the manufacturing and development game can install a product that emanates light and offers a clean reflective aesthetic to that cold and sterile space. It becomes an asset and an attractive proposition, particularly for those specialists who have partners, sponsors, employees, affiliates and couriers entering the space on a regular basis. That also provides a degree of sell-on value should the warehouse be put on the market.

Safe and Protective Application

It is almost impossible to escape the existence of occupational dangers situated around the warehouse. By installing epoxy flooring, specialists, guests and participants of all profiles can operate in the knowledge that the surface is coated for protection and for the safety of those members present. No cracks, moisture or grease can penetrate the material and given the shine that emanates from the surface, there is an increase in light visibility to illustrate where potential slips and dangers are present. Carpet cleaning and floor sanding can be a tough exercise but this is an installation that is designed for the protection of the product and the people that use it.

Excellent Durability Levels

Once the epoxy flooring has been correctly fitted and installed into the warehouse space, it is optimized for long-term use spanning decades. This will be thanks to the top of the line sealing of the coat to maintain its condition, covering for all four seasons and taking into account the myriad of foot and vehicle traffic that it will be exposed to. Other alternatives in the market necessitate a consistent level of maintenance to clean and sustain the surface, yet this is a material that won’t buckle or fatigue under continued use.

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