4 Excellent Gifts For People Who Vape

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4 Excellent Gifts For People Who Vape

There cannot be anything more confusing and difficult than finding a present that your friend will love. But you can work towards saving a lot of your precious time and efforts if you can recall just one quality, liking or habit of your friend and find a present that resonates with it. Simple.


If your friend is a keen user of electronic cigarettes of Australian brand or any other, you are lucky enough to have come across this article which will help you find a really thoughtful gift for him or her. Don’t worry; we have also got you covered in case you have a specific budget in mind.


Below are listed 4 best gifting options to amaze your friend who vapes:

#1 Gift Card: Take the guesswork out of the process of gift buying by getting a gift card for your friend from any store catering particularly for the users of electronic cigarettes in Australia or elsewhere. Buying a gift card is the easiest way forward because, 1. you can buy the value card anywhere, anytime; 2. you can buy the card for exactly or close to the price that you can afford; and 3. online gift card is already a thing, and it is helpful at times when you are not in the same city or can’t meet your BFF in person.


#2 Batteries: There cannot be any other practical gift for the people hooked on vaping than batteries. Batteries are one component of e-cigarettes that needs to be replaced from time to time. So, you are most likely to do a favour to your friend, who is into heavy vaping, by considering batteries one of the gifting choices. At the time of buying batteries, ensure that they are long-lasting, come with a long-term warranty and are compatible with the e-cig device your friend uses. In case your friend has just started using electronic cigarettes, you might want to look for other gifting options.


#3 E-Cig Cases: Electronic cigarette users often struggle with storing and protecting their device, especially in their pockets or purses. That’s what makes an attractive protective case for electronic cigarettes the best gift choice. The cases available on the market feature a zip-and-clip mechanism for added convenience. They can be zipped for safe storage and extra protection or can be clipped inside the purse or on the belt for making the device handy. The best part is that they are unbelievably affordable, much to your delight.


#4 Colorful Lanyards: If you find your friend juggling the device and components every time he or she has to vape, a lanyard is the one thing they desperately need. Yes, e-cig lanyard can be an immensely useful gift to help your friend improve his or her vaping experience. For the days and nights when the quick readiness and easy availability of electronic cigarettes are much desired, lanyards come to the rescue. Using lanyards, e-cigs can be hung around the neck close by to have them ready to use. A lanyard is not only a viable gift but an appealing one, too, given the variety of colours they are available in.


By now you may have made up your mind what to gift to your buddy who’s into vaping. Hope this guide has helped you to make a genius gifting choice with your friend’s love of electronic cigarettes in mind.

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