3 Invaluable Things you Learn in Information Technology Internships


3 Invaluable Things you Learn in Information Technology Internships

In the highly globalised, communication-oriented world of today, there has never been a better time to work in IT. The industry is highly diverse, offering careers in areas such as web development, software engineering and systems design. There are also many jobs in IT which may not have even been invented yet! This means there is also a lot of scope for work in pursuing your own start-up and developing new IT solutions.

If you’re currently studying a certificate or degree in IT, you probably have plans to work in the field sometime in the near future. And while IT is a large, growing field with good rates of graduate employability, information technology internships are still extremely valuable.




Here is a list of 3 things you learn while completing one:

Networking skills and relationships

The world we live in is a social place, and as such, the importance of being able to develop a good, professional relationships cannot be understated. Information technology internships will help teach you how to communicate and collaborate effectively with others, which in turn will help you in the working world.

Networking is also a skill which can be learned and comes with a host of benefits. Among them, networking helps you to grow a list of contacts with whom you can mutually assist each other, as well as receive and create new business opportunities. Networking is also a great way to make new friends, mentors and business partners.


Practical industry training

Whilst studying IT teaches you a lot about the discipline, books and lectures offer limited opportunities for developing practical, real-world knowledge and experience. These can only be gathered by getting out into the industry, which means that it goes without saying that information technology internships are virtually an essential part of the training process.

Information technology internships offer you on-the-job experience and training from professionals who are working in the current state of affairs. They can give you the most up-to-date knowledge on the industry. You may also find a mentor who can assist you on your career journey.


Having on-the-job experience makes getting hired much easier

Imagine you’ve been working in your industry for a decade. You know your job like the back of your hand, and the team in your workplace work really well together, ensuring that everything that needs to be done gets done efficiently. If a team member leaves and you’re required to hire a replacement, do you really want to hire and pay someone who has no experience doing what you do?

They might be book-smart, but without practical knowledge of the job, it means that you’ll have to expend extra time and resources training them. If it came down to choosing between someone who had a degree in IT and someone who had completed both a degree and a placement, you’d probably choose the latter.

Of course, information technology internships on their own aren’t enough. It’s also vital that you try to perform at your best during your placement, to show your employers that you can do a good job and receive a solid referral at the end of it. Who knows – if you can prove that you’re professional and hard-working, you might even receive a job offer after completion!



Information technology internships are hugely useful in determining career success in IT. So if you’re serious about finding work, start searching early for a placement (normally organisations hire interns who are in their second or third year of a degree). Some places even offer payment as a bonus!

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